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Cloud Integration

At Casley Consulting we have experienced the age of VMware and expected the upcoming age of cloud technologies, and with this expectation we have focused on cloud technologies and components. We hope that you will use our experience.

Cloud environment and application development

At Casley consulting, we start with the necessary research of system-to-cloud migration, we then re-produce our customer`s system using Paas as a base. We carefully plan and provide support for every step in the process from start to finish. If you have a concern or are interested in putting a system or service onto cloud, please call us for a consultation.

Cloud development phases

Cloud development phases

【Merits of Cloud technology introduction】

Increased competitiveness

Increased competitiveness

In the cases of most Cloud services, there is no fixed time limit for use and prices rarely vary. Using a cloud service means lower fixed costs for hardware and maintenance.

Realtime and expandable

Realtime and expandable

When purchasing hardware, there are costs involved with ordering, installing and management. However, on a cloud these problems are avoided and you get the benefit of having a real-time running environment. Moreover, clouds can expand from minimal services to very large services. Unlike fixed hardware, the cloud service can grow at the same pace as your business.

Third-person recognition

Third-person recognition

Many cloud services are verified by governments and verification services. Below are some of the standards.

・ISMS(ISO 27001), PCI DSS level 1, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, SSAE 16, SOC2

Providing assurance for user safety is a must. By setting our infrastructures on various verification standards, we take care of user security and verification during development, so that we can reduce costs for our customers.

BCP Backups and DR configuration

BCP Backups and DR configuration

The many cloud services that we provide use back up and DR (Disk Recovery), to help ensure customer data. Using BCP System Infrastructure we also have attained a flexible data recovery planning process. Moreover, AWS global services are located all over the world, thus problems with local disasters and data reliability are avoided.

<Primary customers>End user services

◆Our specialty services

AWS(AmazonWebService), GAE(Google App Engine), , KDDICloud service, VMware

◆Services we have produced with cloud technologies

GroupSession, Aipo

◆Cloud products and technical services

AWS(AmazonWebService), GAE(Google App Engine),, KDDI Cloud service, SoftBank Cloud service, IIJ, IDC Frontier, nifty Cloud, Cloud Technologies, STARTIA, DataSpider for AWS, Linkknowledge

Our history using cloud services

Global document management system

Global document management system (Produced for Large companies)

  • Document placement, renewal, deletion
  • Document events,
    statues and message managment
  • Base and system data
  • Multiple langauges
  • Client Security
Group ware development

Group ware development

  • Company portal
  • Schedule managment
  • Web mail
  • Work flow
  • Time management
  • Community board
  • File management
  • Client and application coordination
Volunteer and supplies matching service

Volunteer and supplies matching service

  • Volunteer ads can be seen real-time on Google based maps
  • CMS function
  • Application number and management functions
  • Member registration, application history, member management
  • Total mail functions
  • Posting board
  • Twitter compatibility
Business focused coupon site

Business focused coupon site

  • CMS function
  • Prodouct and store management
  • Order and stock management
  • Paypal adaptable
  • Member registration, purchase history, and member management
  • Mail function
  • Messeage board
  • Twitter compatibility
Solar power estimation site

Solar power estimation site

  • Map information, investment information, and plant production data,
    also estimated simulation of C02 reduction.
  • CMS function
  • Application management system
  • Member registration
  • Mail functions
  • Message board

We can produce any of these as contracted. We also dispatch our engineers (SE, PG, and planning). If you are wondering if you should use are services or at what point you should use our services, feel free to call us for consultation.

Cloud development technical introduction

We also provide a blog service targeted at education for engineers who want to learn about cloud technologies, including Google App Engine for Java and the Slim3 framework.