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Web System Development

At Casley we are using cutting-edge technologies to develop applications for our customers in the following fields.

Java and associated application development

【Java and associated application development】

At Casley we use java as our base for system development. As an open sourced language, we believe that Java has proven it reliability and development potential. This has been shown not only in Japan but all around the world.
In web development one has to consider the technical advantages of the Java language. Our company excels at Java development.

Java development process

Java development process

We provide development and engineer dispatch services. We have had proven success in both endeavors. Our engineers experience rich in the development process from evaluation, to start-up. Please feel free to inquire for details.

<Our customers>Our customers include end-users, large-corporations, and SI firms.

Moreover, we have proven success in the following technologies.

◆Application Framework Tools

Ajax, jQuery, Javascript, Seasar2(SAStruts), S2Dao, S2JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, iBATIS, JPA, Eclipse, JUnit, JMeter, SVN, GitLab, Redmine


Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, DataSpider, Hadoop, ApacheAXIS

◆OS and Data base, and virtualization products

Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Solaris, AIX,
WindowsServer, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Sybase, KVS, VMware


SAP R/3,, peopleH/R, GoogleAPPs

◆Development Process

waterfall, Agile based development (XP, Scram), TDD (Test drive development)

◆Other technologies including PHP, Scala, etc..

PHP: Large corporate EC sites, advertisement sites, and other corporate development.
Scala: Batch development for large scale manufacturing

Integration and start-up support

We provide start-up support for the following and we develop packages designed to match our customers` needs using these technologies.

Java development support group

<Primary Customer>End User corporations

◆Middle Ware

Red Hat Linux(RHEL), JBoss

◆Cloud products

Google Apps for Business

◆CMS Products


◆Other Products

FaximoSilver, OwnCloud

◆Some of our Packages

Assisted Accounting System Saizo
Legal office support system Benzo
Affiliate Management System AFFis
A bottle for cloud based mapping information TSVC