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About Creating Shared Value

Our company has always regarded “creating shared value” as an important standard; we believe that this philosophy greatly benefits our customers, employees and society as a whole.

What’s CSV?

CSV is a business concept first introduced in 2001 by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter.

According to CSV, tackling societal issues while increasing business profit and competitiveness are compatible goals. Corporations should seek to mutually benefit society.

For instance, the famous Swiss F&B company Nestle procures coffee ingredients from developing countries. In this way, they promote and support coffee farming in poorer regions. As a result, Nestle was able to sustainably procure high-quality coffee beans at low costs while creating jobs and increasing income in those regions.


The need for CSV

In the traditional corporate model, companies are only concerned with the bottom line. This gradually evolved into concern for society. Philosophies like CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) advocated that companies also make contributions to society.

However CSR has some weak points: In many cases, the firm ends up shouldering the burden of cost and is given little incentive to sustain its contribution to society.

The CSV model and Casley

In recent years, many applications have been released on the market. But how many of these products truly made a difference in someone's life?

What problems do they solve?

Casley's founder, Mr. Kazumasa Sunagawa, believes in approaches like SRI and microfinancing. It is society-oriented approaches like these which have a competitive edge on the market. So when CSV was first advocated in 2011, Mr. Sunagawa came on board. Benefiting all parties - clients, employees, and the company itself - it is precisely CSV's approach that this era needs. And CSV-driven business strategies are no less needed in the field of IT.


This is how Casley Consulting was founded.

CSV and Casley Consulting services

Businesses of the future will not last unless they benefit employees and society while continuing to generate profit. Thus, at Casley Consulting we search for CSV-based solutions to revolutionize our clients' businesses. Whether we are developing Web systems or creating new businesses, we bring social innovation through cutting-edge technology.