Corporate Profile

Our mission

A “Creating Shared Value” Company

At Casley Consulting our mission is to create businesses and services using IT technologies, which create value for our customers, society, and employees.

Previous business models and services were only focused on profit. These models did not consider benefits of the product to employees or society.
We look past our bottom line and strive to create IT services that are truly beneficial to society.

The weak points of the CSR model ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) is that in many cases the firm ends up shouldering the burden of cost and is given little incentive to sustain the effort.

We strive to support our clients with profitable ideas that reduce costs and increase performance. We also strive to encourage our employees to have a holistic vision of their work.

We want to make a business that is not only profitable but beneficial to society, and by doing this we want to create a company that we are proud to work for and clients that we are proud to work with.