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Message from the CEO


Is there a business model that makes customers, employees and society happy?

In recent years, businesses based on SRI (socially responsible investment) and microfinancing have been shown to be profitable.And from this the idea of CSV (Creating Shared Value) was formulated.

In the future companies need to be focused not only on their bottom line but also the impact they have on society. In a business transaction the connections between all parties involved are deeper than more classical business models will permit. Therefore, to create a more profitable business model some things need to change. I built the company based on the CSV model because it takes many things into account that other models do not. And simply put, I believe it is a better model for business.

With cutting edge technology I hope to improve customer profits, make my employees happy, and create a company that is respected by society.

We are Casley Consulting, and we look forward to working with you.