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Creating shared value
Mechanism for growing "people"

About Casley University

We provide employees and business partners with an education system named "Casley University" that allows us to master comprehensive skills and knowledge while working to solve clients' and society's problem.

Ability to SOLVE client and social problems

In order to improve skills necessary for solving problems through IT, we open over 300 internal/external courses per year. In addition, we also hold internal lectures by employees such as professionals from various industries and events inviting external experts. Regarding our own internal courses, we aim to improve the skills of the entire development value chain by inviting business partners to participate in the lectures.

Moreover, not only engineering related courses, we also open courses such as basic etiquette training, and external courses for mid and top-level exceutives, to ensure smooth commmunication among clients, society's stakeholders and us.

Ability to IDENTIFY problems of clients and society

We believe not only solving clients' and society's existing problem, the ability to identify and define potential problems will lead us "Increasing the Possibles".

We offer original training courses such as social design/business, inroduction to CSV/CSR, and CSV business development, and will also invite external lecturers for liberal arts related courses.

Tri-sector Leadership Program

An educational program to raise global leaders who have true leadership and the ability to make innovation, understanding the situation of the world and Japan beyond boundaries among sectors, NGOs/NPOs, administrative agencies and educational institutions. This was a one year program from June 2016 to May 2017.

About Human Capital Management

Our human capital management does not only consider employees' achievements and performance but also the social impacts on behavior, clients and society as a standard of evaluation.

From the point of view of "CSV at workplace", we always ask overselves "what can be done more to create shared value for clients and society?" even for small things such as greetings and thanks.

Moreover, we do not only evaluate employees' performance but also place importance on training. While training leads to rewarding and salary paid leads to a sense of security. By satisfying these two aspects, employees are able to raise their motivation for "increasing the possibles" for clients and the society.

"Increasing the Possibles" for SOCIETY
Mechanism of Business/Service Creation

Connect Society from the Point of View of Social Issues

Ebisu Social Film Festival

We are also engaged in generating synergies for solving social problems outside business activities. Co-hosting seminars on CSV, SDGs and impact assessment, and supporting nurseries to hold staff seminars to improve the childcare industry.

In addition, in order to connect the stakeholders seeking to solve a new social problem, we actively exchange opinions with the person in charge of sustainability from other companies by holding seminars and co-host events that contribute to the enlightenment of social issues.

Connect Society with Local Community

We are seeking a good connection with neighboring companies and residents in Ebisu. Through communication with neighboring companies, shops and local governments, participation in local events like the Bon Odori, and collaboration with NPOs working in Ebisu, we promote comprehensive social activities which regard Ebisu as a whole.

Mechanism to ensure security and safety

Security Policy

In system development, we believe that ensuring quality and security is an essential requirement for business continuity. Casley Consulting has acquired various international certifications and maintains international standards for safe operation of information assets and personal information of clients and society. In addition, we strive to raise security awareness of each employee, including to hold awareness-raising activities regularly by our security task teams and incidents deterrent activities through inviting lecturers such as the "proper drinking lecture" by beverage makers.

Diversity Management for Psychological Safety

Case StudyPRIDE Index 2018 Silver Award

Evaluate companies and corperates for their actions and policies regarding LGBT etc.

We are aiming for a workplace environment where everyone can work with peace of mind, regardless of age, sex, nationality, race, sexual orientation, or disability. From organizational activities in which the management, CSR, HR and labor coordinate, to bottom-up activities by employees such as the task teams.

Guarantee Physical Health by Health Management

We are committed to improving employees' health, when employees' are able to work in a healthy condition, it will not only maximize economic performance, but also raise employees' quality of life, and help to suppress medical expenses by contributing to the health span.


Public-private partnership project with the Sports Agency that makes walking more enjoyable and enjoyable activity more healthy. "Walking" as a starting point, was featured as a project aiming for public health promotion.

Ensure Peace of Mind by Understanding

We value communication among employees. The Casley Party which is held once every two months, ensures that all employees gather at the hall of Yebisu Garden Place to promote medium- and long-term management policies and management strategies of the company, and deepen mutual understanding of the activities of each division. After the meeting, we will enjoy the food provided by restaurants in Ebisu, which promotes communication with our neighborhood.