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Brand Story

"Increasing the Possibles"

Casley Consulting, Inc was founded in 2013.

Our vision is not to simply raise profits,
but to create business and services by considering
"How to improve a business / service?" = Make a social impact?,
for people and society, Japan and the world.

Regardless of how large the sales and profits are,
we do not participate in projects that we judge as a burden to society,
we have participated in projects by following our vision and beliefs since foundation
and pursued social value with economic value.

Through CSV (Creating Shared Value) x IT (Information & Technology)
"Increasing the Possibles" for clients, society and fellows.

We believe.

CEO's Message



Is there a business model that enables clients, companies, employees and the society enjoy shared value?

Business models which can maximize social value appeared in recent years, and CSV(Creating Shared Value) as a business framework was also introduced in the academic world.

Profit will no longer be the only consideration for business in the future, but also the value of employees who provide services, and the society which receives them. I started my business based on the CSV model because it takes many things into account which other models do not, hope that we can be the leading company in creating shared value.

We aim to create shared value and profit using the latest technology, together with our clients and partners. To make work meaningful to our employees, and to be a role model company in the society.
We are Casley Consulting, and we look forward to working with you.

About Us

Casley Consulting, Inc.

Head Office
Yebisu Garden Place Tower 31F, Ebisu 4-20-3, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6031 Japan
Kazumasa Sunagawa
17.07billion JPY (※2019.12.31)(non-consolidated accounting)
  • CSV / IT consulting
  • Web system development
  • Cloud integration
  • Smartphone, tablet development
  • IoT & Big data related (image sharpening technology)
  • Unified Qualifications for all Ministries
    (Research, information processing, software development)
  • PMS: Personal information protection Management Systems
    Registered no. 17001590(03)
  • ISMS: Information Security Management System
    ISO/IEC 27001:2013 / JIS Q 27001:2014
    Certified no. IS 642869
  • QMS: Quality Management System
    ISO 9001:2015 / JIS Q 9001:2015
    Certified no. FS 645255
    Authorized division: CSVIT division
Member Organizations
Reseller Certification
Google G Suite authorized reseller

Access to the Head Office
  • JR Yamanote, Saikyo/Shonan Shinjuku line to Ebisu station. 5-minute walk from East Exit
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya line to Ebisu station. 7-minute walk from Exit 1
  • Yebisu Garden Place Tower 31F

Location information
  • Nobeoka Satellite
  • 101 Uno Pharmacy Building, 3-3, Saiwai-cho, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki
  • Prefecture, 882-0053, Japan
  • Casley India Pvt. Ltd.
    FF12, 1st Floor, Augusta Point, Sector-53 Gurugram,122002 INDIA

  • Business incubator 5 companies
  • ※ 7 companies in total

Corporate Structure


Here to introduce our management team.

代表取締役CEO 砂川 和雅
CEO Kazumasa Sunagawa

Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University (MBA)
He has experiences using VoIP and HFC for international communication / optical communication network at a networking company, and Lunix hardware, applications by Java etc., and cloud collaboration by AWS and GCP etc. at an IT consulting company. Moreover, through pro bono activities such as microfinance in developing countries and participating in the reconstruction after earthquake, he felt that "CSV and the usage of IT" is a perfect match and established Casley Consulting, Inc. in 2013.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

In order to create shared value effectively, our organization is a "circular network-centric organization" having the business department which approaches the external market and the supporting department which supports the business department. Moreover, knowledge and ideas are shared beyond division and department borders. To achieve our goals together with our clients and the society is our organisational concept.
We consider ourselves "Team Casley".

Awards & Media


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan - JAPAN SDGs Action Platform
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan - JAPAN SDGs Action Platform

Our SDGs related activities are recognized and introduced as one of the "JAPAN SDGs Action Platform's" case study.

News Release:
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PRIDE Index 2018 Silver
PRIDE Index 2018 Silver

Evaluate companies and corperates for their actions and policies regarding LGBT etc.

News Release:
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Green Ocean Award 2017
Outstanding Award
Green Ocean Award 2017

Our image sharpening technology is awarded the Outstanding Award by the Green Ocean which CSR/CSV related businesses/companies are recognized.

News Release:
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PRIDE Index 2017 Silver
PRIDE Index 2017 Silver

Evaluate companies and corperates for their actions and policies regarding LGBT etc.

News Release:
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Senior Scientist : Jun Nishigata was elected as "The NEXT INNOVATOR who represents Japan".

News Release:
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