CSV and Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

We deliver products and services that meet social issues
by working in partnership with our clients

The main business strategies and services so far have been placed on raising profit of the company.

There was little consideration for employees' value and social value, where they may have to bear the burden sometimes because of the priority to profit.

We Casley Consulting see clients' economic benefits as an absolute condition, but also place importance on creating added value for employees' and the society, and aim to achieve a sustainable virtuous cycle.

We are here to bring added value to our employees' and the society, and make clients' and our business respectable.

Our Goal

"Increasing the Possibles"

”Increasing the Possibles” for all clients, society and fellows with CSV x IT. Our activities and business will become a business role model to other companies and the society, everyone involved in Casley, including clients and employees, will aim to achieve this goal, because we believe that everyone has the passion to help others.

We call our belief / brand vision "Casley Circle".

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Supplier CSV Standard

Shared Value for Every Code

We keep challenging on achieving our desired society together with our business partners (suppliers). Therefore, we determined a set of guidelines "Supplier CSV", as a standard for being a corporate citizen and to achieve economic and social value at the same time.
Shared value will also be created with business partners.

Corporate Governance

To achieve an effective shared value creation management
Corporate governance

We recognize that corporate governance is an indispensable function for giving appropriate management incentives to our management team and reducing unforeseen risks.
Currently, we invite several external advisors to participate in our management meeting monthly, for advice to our representative director and executive officer. We are also considering strengthening and introducing management systems such as Board of Directors, the Board of Auditors, the committee system etc.
Unlike usual venture companies, our management does not depend heavily on the executives. We use governance as a approach to raise corporate and common value.

Sustainability & Shared Value Report

To solve social problems with IT

To achieve our desired society
We specified our business' materiality according to the GRI standard,
and set our long-term goals by grouping them into 3 fields.

About SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

【Commitment to SDGs】

In Casley Consulting, we use SDGs 17 goals and 169 targets as an approach to create and measure social value. By adopting SDGs as a positive screening standard for all business and services, we are able to conduct our CSV (Creating Shared Value) business while having social impact defined and measured more clearly.

About Diversity & Inclusion

Casley Consulting respects the diversity of employees, aims to be an inclusive organization where everyone makes use of their advantages and offset their own shortcomings.

We believe that innovation and integration which are able to change the society is based on a fusion of perspectives and ideas from various point of view. We aim to create a workplace and culture where people respect each other and work with challenging and rewarding.

Team Casley put emphasis on diversity. Based on the idea of SOGI(sexual orientation, gender identity), we strive to create an equal opportunity and diverse working environment, regardless of our employee's personality, ethnicity, religion, social status, gender and sexuality.

Shared Value Report
2018 Shared Value Report

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2018 Shared Value Report(digest)

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