Proposal for our planning and new business

CSV with Our Business

Base on the philosophy of CSV: Creating Shared Value, we actively promote shared value creation with business partners such as corporations, universities and NPOs.
Not only cooperation on services, we also have demands for activities such as holding workshops with NPOs.
Please tell us your thoughts.

Reason for choosing us

  • ① Principle of value creation

    We are not only receiving products and services provided by business partners, but foster engagement by considering how to build a long-term partnership effectively with our partners.
    We hope to create shared value for each other, not only a one time negotiation.

  • ② Collaboration achievements with partners

    We have held events and workshops with other corperates, universities and NPOs to solve social problems.
    Moreover, we cooperate with advertising agencies to raise public awareness of social issues etc., we have extensive achievements in social contribution activities beyond the boundaries of our core business.

  • ③ Open innovation, flexible thinking

    Having creation of shared value as our philosophy, we are able to do flexible cooperation, including capitalization strategies and revenue sharing beyond industry borders with business parteners who can share the vision of solving social problems.
    We also flexibly consider about establishment/support of a joint venture through equity/debt finance and investment acceptance.

Cooperation beyond industry National university (Humanities & Social Sciences/Business), municipality, law, childcare, marriage, advertising agencies etc.
Joint research National / private university (science and engineering), fabless manufacturer
Workshop CSV Business Plan: ICT for Social Design Project

Companies, NPOs, local governments who are considering cooperation with us

There are two basic patterns of cooperation, manly on public relations or business operation.
We also flexibly consider about projects which are able to create shared value, so please do make us a proposal.

Flow of proposal of cooperation with us
  • Separate cooperation style: PR/Business
  • Two-way discussion for cooperation planning
  • Project establishment/operation
  • Sharing public outcome/business revenue

NGO/NPO looking for co-sponsors/sponsors etc. for events etc.

We aim to be a role model compnay by creating reference cases to improve corporate social value.
From the perspective of sustainability, please propose if there are plans and initiatives that cause synergies between both companies, not donation.