Proposal for our system development project etc.

Proposal for our system development project etc.

We have a high demand for SES service using web technologies such as Java, PHP, C#, and milddleware/infrastructure such as Linux/Oracle for our projects.
We are looking for business partners who are able to build long-term business relationships.

Reason for choosing us

  • ① Selection of projects/products

    We screen and participate in projects with high social value, no engineer will be assigned to projects they hesitate. Also, our wide range of projects mainly requires web related skills and latest technologies(e.g. RPA, AI). Engineers can develop their skills by providing SES service, while clients can promote sales by providing products/services for us.

  • ② Long-term collaborative partnerships

    For core partners in our projects, we carry out a review board to make annual engineering plan based on demand forecast such as development phase/time, necessary technology/number of staffs of our project.
    By visualizing the project demands for the full term, we can formulate a long-term entry plan rather than having sales operation every time after a project ends.

  • ③ Initiatives beyond business boundaries

    For example, we open up our education curriculum to clients who support us in our SES business, and hold joint seminars with partners who provide us with products and services etc. We make efforts to build trust with our clients and partners through activities beyond business boundaries.

Main Clients Public, service, law, nursery, manufacturing, information and communications etc.
Language Web: Java, PHP, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Scala, GAS:Google App Script
Embeded/Control: HDL, C, C++
OS/Middleware OS: Linux, UNIX, Windows
Middle: Apache, NginX, Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, IIS, VMware
DB: Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, KVS, DB2, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Sybase
Cloud AWS(Amazon Web Service), GCP(Google Cloud Platform), Salesforce(, Microsoft Azure
Tools JUnit, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Redmine, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA

Business partner who can assign engineers for us

We will provide information about our development projects(required skills, engineers needed, phase etc.), please suggest your engineers.
We will consider the suggestion plan with our sales/engineers and clients, and will ask for participation according to the development requirements.

Flow of suggestion of engineer
  • Confirm project information
  • Proposal of engineer / structure
  • System / technical evaluation
  • Project participation
  • Our original approach

Business partners who can provide products and services

Having a wide range of development projects, we keep track of information about products and services which are able to solve clients' problems.
Especially, we have demands on latest technologies for our advanced development projects, please propose a plan for us if you own any original products or solutions.

Flow of providing your products and solutions
  • Proposal of products and solutions
  • Utilization survey and evaluation in our project
  • Prototype introduction
  • Performance evaluation
  • Joint sales/development etc.