CSV New Business Development Service

CSV x BD (Solutions /
New Business) Field

CSV New Business Development Service

CSV: Creating Shared Value new business devleopment service supports from planning ~ start-up and management of a new launched business which solves social problems while delivering economic and social value to clients.

CSV New Business Development Service Scope
Project planning Business plan formulation Business launch IT system construction Business service-in IT operation PR/IR
Casley Concept making product/service development Development Operation ESG/SDGs synergy
Main Assistant

Strengths of our new business development service

  • ① Achievements and operation in CSV business

    We have experiences in operating multiple CSV business, and is one of the best companies in Japan with experiences supporting clients' business planning, products/service design.
    By receiveing numerous awards from external evaluation organizations, we are capable to provide our clients with the knowledge as a leading company of CSV business.

  • ② Advanced service design combining IT

    Combining CSV business and IT is required for solving social problems and raising profitablility while reducing operation risks.
    We are an IT company with advanced technology, which enables us to develop an IT system independently.
    This differentiates our business from other companies which have to outsource IT.

  • ③ Cooperation among industry, government and academia, research and development, public relations

    In CSV business, integration/design through cooperation with academia(universities etc.) based on company's basic research, coopeartion of multiple companies through open innovation, cooperation with government agencies through research grants etc., are the factors which influence business success.
    Moreover, there is a need for stakeholders to know more about our activities.
    We have extensive experiences doing research and cooperating with other industries, government and academia, where our business development considering public relations also successfully drawn media attention.

The most proven process IT business plan, formulation of business plan, public relations
Social value related ESG: Environment, Social, Governance
SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals
Quantitative evaluation by logic model
IT IoT: Internet of Things(adopt cloud computing for devices)
AI: Artificial Intelligence
RPA: Robotics Process Automation(robotization through IT)

Combines your business and Social problem-solving
Planning and development support for
"Social problem-solving services/products"

Based on client's existing(new) business, we will support the planning and design of combination with social issues and the business establishment.

Flow of Planning and development support for
"Social problem-solving services/products"
  • Investigate on existing business
  • Extraction of social issues that can be combined to business
  • Consistent with the evaluation items of external organizations
  • Business
  • Business development and operation by IT
Proven industry/service
  • ①Childcare industry
  • ②Legal industry
  • ③Medical industry
  • ④Food industry
  • ⑤Nursing care industry

IR service with CSV Disclousure of information to investors

Institutional investors' interests towards non-financial information is increasing.
Create higher corporate value by disclosing appropriate information to investors on social value aspects(especially S in ESG) which companies and businesses create.
We have the PR know-how cultivated by doing CSV business, we are able to organize information on social value that should be described mainly in the integration report, and make contents which are attractive to investors.

  • Investigate on existing business
  • Organize business and social issues relationship(ESG/SDGs)
  • Organize information for investors/external evaluation
  • Extract/combine synergistic social activities and NPO/NGO
  • Content development/