Planning, Development and Operation Services

CSV x IT field
- Information System -

Planning, Development and Operation Services

Planning, development and operation services helps to start up a new business using IT(information system),
in addition to improve efficiency of existing operations, system development using latest technologies,
and also the maintenance after release.
We are going to support the start up and operation of all processes for your information system development.

Scope of planning, development and operation services
Strategic planning Development Operation
IT system planning and development
(web, smartphone, tablet)
Improvement and operation of business with IT
Investigation & introduction of IT technology, products and services
Assigning projects for engineers

Our "CSV x IT" strengths in planning, development and operation services

  • ① Planning, development, operation + "Creating shared value(CSV)" with clients

    For example,

    • Composition of client's information system department and our team → increase development productivity while achieving advanced technology education and skill transferability.
    • By promoting system development projects inside and outside the company. Promotion of sales and raise employees' motivation and loyalty → improvement of corporate brand value
      We are possible to provide 'added value' and system development at the same time.

  • ② Capable of supporting clients' systems for social infrastructure

    We have supported our clients' operation who have infrastructure and services which are needed in our daily lives, by adopting IT to their operation systems. We are capable of providing suggestions considering safety, data integrity, operation rate etc.

Proven Technologies & Keywords
Main clients Public, service, law, nursery, manufacturing, information & communication etc.
Programming language Web: Java5~9, C#, JavaScript, PHP5.x, Scala, Ruby1.x~2.x, Apex, Python, Google App Script, Kotlin, Go, HTML5, CSS3, REST API
iOS: Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa
C/S&Embedded/Control: C, C++, SQL, VB, VBA
RPA UI path
Development FW / Environment / Template Enterprise: Spring3~5, Spring Boot, JavaEE6~7, Heroku, Thymeleaf, Play 2.x, Laravel, Apache Wicket, Seasar2, SAStruts, Struts1.x~2, Swagger
JS: SymfonyAjax, jQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS, Knockout.js, Node.js, Vue.js, SwingRails
Development methodology PJ operation / Management Unified Process, Agile, (XP/Scrum), TDD/DDD, ITIL, MS-Project
Version control / DevOps / Task management Git, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Pods, Redmine, Backlog, Trac, JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Slack
Web / AP server WebLogic, WebSphere, Jboss, Apache/Tomcat, GlassFish
DB / NoSQL /
Distributed processing
Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark, Ignite, Accumulo
ETL / BI / ERP/BA Talend, Fluentd, Data spider, Kafka, Hive, tableau, Kibana, Dr.Sum, SAP, OracleEBS, Company, Positive, STRAVIS
OS Linux, iOS, androidOS, RHEL, RTOS, Windows, CentOS, UNIX, Solaris
Server virtualization Vagrant, Virtualbox, Xen, VMWare, Hyper/V
Cloud(Paas) AWS: Amazon Web Service, Azure、GCP: GoogleCloudPlatform, Sales force:, KCPS: KDDI Cloud Platform Service
IoT/AI HDL, Mahout, Tensorflow
Tools Zabbix, NewRelic, Selenium, Serverspec, JUnit, JMeter, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA

IT System Planning and Development Web, Smartphone, Tablet

While listening to the overview of the IT services that clients want to create, we make plans and development proposals, estimation and RFP creation etc.
Corresponds to a wide range of devices such as PC, smartphones, tablets, electronic equipment. Our engineers with extensive development experience will support clients' IT investment.

Flow of IT system planning and development
  • Identify clients' needs
  • Quotation
    (technology / device selection)
  • Team up for
    project development
  • Application development
    and testing
  • Release operation
    Maintenance improvement
For Instance

Analysis and improvement of operations by IT

Analyze current work with our own framework (CSV / Activity Based Costing method),
identify necessary parts to adopt IT,
calculate the cost effectiveness (ROI) for systemization, quantify improvement of customer satisfaction.
This is a one-stop service which includes system development, analysis and improvement.

Analysis and improvement of business by IT
  • Identify clients' needs
  • Suggest solutions / Estimation
  • Worksite investigation
  • Simulation of analysis and improvement effect
  • Technical selection, development, testing
  • Operational and improvement support

Introduction & survey of IT technology, products and services

For clients who have already had functions and policies wanted to be developed, we can investigate the most fitting tehonologies and products
according to clients' needs, and provide an optimal combination by conducting the FIT & GAP analysis.

Introduction of IT technology, products and services & flow of survey
  • Confirmation of development function / policy
  • Investigate and suggest the most fitting technology / product
  • Support for technology and product introduction
  • User education / improvement support
  • Operational and improvement support