System Engineering Service

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System Engineering Service

System engineering service provides necessary IT human resources only for the necessary period according to the phase of system development. According to clients' development requirements, we will suggest engineers with required technical skills and a development plan including design, coding, testing, etc. and also project management and technical support, where clients can choose to have engineers working at clients' location, or to have system development at our office.

Scope of system engineering service and BPO
Planning and
requirements definition
Design (
Coding /
Release operation maintenance Project management technical support
System engineer /
Project manager
Architect /
IT consultant
System Engineering Service SES SES SES SES SES
Business Process Outsourcing SES BPO BPO BPO BPO

Major correspondence of engineers
Presentaion layer Screen, form
Business/domain layer Business logic, work flow, use case
Data layer Middleware (AP server/DB server)
Infrastructure layer Infrastructure (OS, network, hardware)
Promotion base Standardization/Development methodology/Project management

Strengths of our system engineering service

  • ① Our engineers' extensive experience in system development

    We have over 100 engineers with extensive development experience, mainly on web technology.
    The average age of engineers is 35 years old, with development experience on average 4.5 industries and 8 projects (as of March 2018). Engineers who experienced multiple projects have experienced development best practices and are a powerful promoter in development.

  • ② Flexible development structure - strong in service design

    We propose a development structure plan by arranging the most fitting engineers according to the required development period, man-hour and skills. For example, it is possible to build a development structure which is compatible with promptness and cost advantage through cooperation by assigning a lead engineer working at clients' location + development team at our office.

  • ③ Excels at high-speed development design

    In accordance with the delivery date, we are able to speed development up to 175%. We are capable to deal with top priority deadlines.

Technologies & Keywords
Main Clients Finance, Advertisting, Public Sector, Services, Information & Communications etc.
Programming Languages Web: Java5~9, C#, JavaScript, PHP5.x, Scala, Ruby1.x~2.x, Apex, Python, Google App Script, Kotlin, Go, HTML5, CSS3, REST API
iOS: Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa
C/S&Embeded/Control: C, C++, SQL, VB, VBA
RPA UI path
Development FW / Environment / Template Enterprise: Spring3~5, Spring Boot, JavaEE6~7, Heroku, Thymeleaf, Play 2.x, Laravel, Apache Wicket, Seasar2, SAStruts, Struts1.x~2, Swagger
JS: SymfonyAjax, jQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS, Knockout.js, Node.js, Vue.js, SwingRails
Development methodology PJ operation / Management Unified Process, Agile, (XP/Scrum), TDD/DDD, ITIL, MS-Project
Version control / DevOps / Task management Git, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Pods, Redmine, Backlog, Trac, JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Slack
Web / AP server WebLogic, WebSphere, Jboss, Apache/Tomcat, GlassFish
DB / NoSQL /
Distributed processing
Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark, Ignite, Accumulo
ETL / BI / ERP/BA Talend, Fluentd, Data spider, Kafka, Hive, tableau, Kibana, Dr.Sum, SAP, OracleEBS, Company, Positive, STRAVIS
OS Linux, iOS, androidOS, RHEL, RTOS, Windows, CentOS, UNIX, Solaris
Server virtualization Vagrant, Virtualbox, Xen, VMWare, Hyper/V
Cloud (Paas) AWS: Amazon Web Service, Azure, GCP: GoogleCloudPlatform, Sales force:, KCPS: KDDI Cloud Platform Service
IoT/AI HDL, Mahout, Tensorflow
Tools Zabbix, NewRelic, Selenium, Serverspec, JUnit, JMeter, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA

System Enginering Service Consulting / PM / Development / Maintenance

This is a plan with maximum promptness since our engineers are able to support development at clients' offices.
Please let us listen and know about the overview of your development project,
we can propose and assign the most appropriate engineering team.
Flexible estimation according to the development process and period / budget is also possible.

Flow of System Enginering Service
  • Identify project's needs
  • Engineer suggestion
  • Engineering team organization
  • Management / development / test support
  • Release / operation / maintenance improvement

Business Process Outsourcing Service/175% high speed development System requirements definition / Development / Operation and maintenance

We will set up a development team for our clients (= development laboratory) at our office, clients are able to give instructions to the lab while at their own offices, although the responsiveness may be comparatively slower than resident, there is a high cost advantage.
In addition, 175% high speed development is also available as an option. We will divide our development team into three groups and secure development man-power around 16-20 hours per day.
Please contact us if you are having trouble with the delivery date.

Flow of Business Process Outsourcing Service
  • Identify project's needs
  • Proposal of BPO
  • Set up a BPO team
  • Requirement definition ~ development
  • Release / operation / maintenance