CSV x BD (Solutions /
New Business) Field

Solution (Product / cloud) Service

Solution service supports and resolves IT related problems using our products and cloud services. We have a wide range of products and cloud services which are optimal for specific industry / task, and we can also provide suggestions that match the needs of clients.

For all industries

Operation support and efficiency solution
Robot construction service (RPA)
Automated Document Processing (OCR)
  • Various prodcuts
Remote work / security support + AI services
Communication support + AI service
Codeless development

Industry / Business specialized

Operation System
Lawyer / Cloud service for judicial scrivener
Cloud service for nurseries
Geo-targeting service
Consumer survey service for Indian market
Education & job matching services for developing countries

Application specialized type

Security / Monitoring
IoT security camera solution
IoT monitoring solution
AI / Recognition system
Image sharpening service
AI Service
  • Neural network
  • Deep learning
IoT : Internet of Things
FPGA Embedded Solution
3G Service
Payment / Virtual currency
Mobile payment
Virtual Currency
  • Block Chain

Hardware / Cloud products

Mobile device / Communication service
Business Tablet / Smartphone
  • iPad Android Tablet / iPhone Android
Internet connection
  • NTT Hikari
  • Softbank Hikari
Security camera products
Cloud Product

Strengths of our solution service

  • ① Product / system cooperation making full use of latest technology

    Coordinating the latest technologies such as robots, AI, image recognition with clients' existing systems / applications. We can provide the most fitting solution plan not only by using the latest technologies but also combination of technologies and systems.

  • ② Responding to customization

    Our services are not based on products, but also possible to rebuild product functions according to clients' needs. We are capable to deal with not only software but also hardware design and development.

  • ③ Basic research / product research

    We holds the world's highest class technology* in image sharpening technology which is used for input data of AI and recognition system. In addition, we have abundant research and development results in IoT devices and industrial-academic collaboration, we are capable of technical development.
    * Based on the verification results at national university and the PCT international search evaluation.

Main clients Production, Pharmaceutical, Law, Real Estate, Advertising, Childcare, Consumer Goods, Car, Motorbike, Transportation, Food, Service, Information and Communication, Apparel, IT, NPO, NGO
System Cooperation Products ERP / Sales management / Customer management ORO ZAC, SAP, Freee, SalesForce, Sansan
Application cooperation LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, (YouTube)
Data cooperation products Treasure, Dr.Sum, Dataspider
Related technologies / tools Java, Java EE, Spring, PHP, Laravel

Solution Service Case Product / Cloud

For products / cloud solution proposals, we are possible to suggest optimal combinations and user education (operation and maintenance) for customer's problem solving as a package.
Please tell us products you hope to introduce and problems you are facing.

Flow of solution service introduction
  • Investigate problem
  • Product / Cloud selection
  • Propose / Estimate for Solution Introduction
  • Introduction / Installation / User education
  • Release / Operation / Maintenance improvement