Estimation & suggestion for IT (information system) development

Renewal for financial related information website

Web / Smartphones

Client's Profile

Leading financial related company

  • 650 employees, annual sales 300 billion JPY
  • To provide securities and finance related information

We are invited to participate in a competition to suggest a development plan + price quotation based on the service concept which client has already decided.

We succeeded in achieving the use of latest technology and reduce cost by designing UI/UX for end users of clients' targeted financial institutions, and introducing cloud service.



Receiving a demand for website renewal to get more users and target more on the younger generation, we suggested a plan focusing on the reexamination / addition of contents, with a design which supports smartphones.

Not only creating a mock-up according to the PDF design document, but also suggesting a brush-up plan for improvement.


  • Providing a UI/UX improvement plan
  • Making a mock-up including responsive web design
  • Having feedback from end users periodically to carry out maintenance


Support was only scheduled for one phase at the beginning, but turned into a one-year project with continuous order.