Propose and develop IT (information system) services that streamline operations

Mission-critical system development / maintenence

Web / Smartphones / Tablets

Client's Profile

Leading law firm

  • Around 600 employees, annual sales 160 billion JPY
  • Judicial scrivener duties (debt consolidation, commercial registration, property registration, inheritance, testament)

The rapid growth in legal services lead to the increase in number of client's, made management difficult using manpower and the current system.

Analyzed the operation flow and identify the bottlenecks, which improved operational efficiency for average 40% by systematization and operational improvements, also successfully raised profit for tens of million JPY.

We introduced several technologies such as the latest cloud environment, internet FAX/SMS, suggestions using AI, automated document processing using robots etc.



Due to the expansion of business, there is a limit for managing documents with manpower, our client had a demand to build a new core system for management.

As the first phase of the integration plan. we suggested to choose the latest package product and carry out pilot installation in order to manage the enormous amount of documents smartly.

We formed several teams which enabled us to respond to client's additional requests smoothly through division of work.


  • Due to the rapid business growth, the increase in number of cases and needs to cooperate with other departments, our client faced difficulties in management and operation using Excel as a base.
  • After identifying the operation flow of each department and analyzing the problems, we suggested operations which can be systematized.
  • Carried out cooperation with external system to send FAX/SMS through the system, cooperation with CTI etc.
  • Making improvements and additional functions coping with the changes of the operation flow.


  • Successfully reduce operational workload and raise accuracy by systematization.
    As a result, operating efficiency is improved by average 40%, and raised profit for tens of millions JPY.
  • We carry out investigation and maintenance improvement continually to cope with client's conditional changes after the system is in operation.